Feeling Good About Wellness

Wellness is a proactive, on-going campaign. It does not have a start and finish line, but rather focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of anyone at any time.

It’s no secret—when you feel better, you’re more productive. You can focus. You can accomplish more. Adopting a wellness program at your organization results in healthier workers and a better bottom line. CGI learns about each of its clients to develop tailored programs that create participants instead of protesters. This flexibility makes it easy to change the program each year, keeping the activities fresh and interest levels high.

If a wellness program isn’t building good habits, then what is it doing? The research is pretty clear: the key to maintaining a healthy well-being is through forming good habits. Wellness programs that follow a slow and steady approach to habit building have a greater chance of helping people transform themselves, and that’s why all of CGI’s Wellness programs and interventions focus on a single change at a time—to build real habits for a lifetime.











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